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Fraunhofer ISE Yield Monitoring

Component manufacturers and system planners profit from our know-how in joint research projects where we improve and validate their products. Our independence is a guarantee to third parties for reliable references. As an important actor at the forefront of PV development, Fraunhofer ISE combines leading research with practically oriented services.

The ISE Monitoring Team provides:
  • High-quality, system-specific monitoring solutions
  • Scientific monitoring systems with high measurement accuracy especially for total yield and the assessment of performance ratio
  • Detailed annual reports including graphical analyses of operating conditions and efficiency of system components, and benchmarking
  • Customer-specific websites showing key performance parameters on a daily basis
  • Independent expertise which is valued by many banks, investors and the scientific PV community
  • Ongoing development in measurement technology and monitoring solutions through scientific work in international PV projects, backed by valuable results from test sites and reference plants
Leaflet Quality Assurance for PV Power Plants:

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